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  1. Two of these were examples of column writing. The Composure article was an interview. Interesting, but not a column. I think the column on St. Rose of Lima had more elements of “examples of a good column.” Had a distinctive voice, which gave it a very personal emotional range. I think the writer had a clear-cut opinion, but I think she “buried the lead.”


  2. Hello Jess,
    I found Flora the Explorer quite an interesting person. In the main article, she used brief descriptions with photos to explain where she had been and what she was doing with respect to volunteering. She is well traveled and went to locations that were not exactly cosmopolitan. This is a great way to gain experience and see the world. And, it kept my interest while reading the main article. She told good stories that included how her students behaved towards her – it was not all fun and games. Overall, the stories were informative and I could not find any of the ‘bad elements” of column writing.

    The first article was interesting; however, under the title of ‘What I’ve learned’, there were two links that increased the length of the article 3-fold. These links were interesting as well; but, I then noticed more links within those articles and didn’t have time to investigate all of them.

    It was definitely a “Lifestyle” article of someone sharing their personal experiences. She has a lot of guts traveling to places like Medellin, Columbia to help others. She is a genuine individual and I liked your choice.

    Chris Matthews


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